You’ve spent weeks perfecting your resume & applying for positions. Now you need to make sure you’re prepared to answer these common interview questions.

A colourful, somewhat abstract illustration with lines and stick figures suggesting a conversation between two people.
Illustration by Prabhat Mahapatra.

You’ve polished your portfolio and resume. You’ve had lots of coffee chats and sent out too many applications to count. You’ve read up all about the company and its mission. You’ve finally got an interview scheduled for a job you’re really excited about. …

A hand holding an old style filament lightbulb up to a cloudy, evening sunlit sky
A metaphor for ideas: holding a lightbulb to the sky for no apparent reason…

Recently I’ve been pondering the narratives and practices around ‘ideas’ and ‘ideation’ that I see playing out in service design. This is based on my own experiences over the last five years or so, as well as observations of the conversations and framing in broader design practice and organizations.

Linn Vizard

Founder Made Manifest. Service Designer. I ❤ glitter, cats, and deadlifting. Previously @Bridgeable @UsabilityMatters.

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